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New Material of Outdoor Lighting EPM???

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Let me introduce our company Level Lighting latest researchsuccessful material-EPM?-the new pattern energy saving andenvironmental protection material.


EPM?-thenew pattern energy saving and environmental protection material is far superiorto the polyurethane resin material used in outdoor lighting. EPM? is not a resin. EPM?isthe new pattern energy saving and environmental protection material and basically a unique synthetic composition.It’s been researching by our professional engineer for more than two years. Themost expensive production facilities of EPM?is made by our selves fromraw material to production. Further more, we have country patent foringredients technology and Workmanship. EPM?-the new patternenergy saving and environmental protection material is consist of latex, ATP,ground marble powder, emery etc. The Main Features is anti corrosion,Anti-aging,hightensile,Acid & Alkali Resistance,Adhesion, exquisite molding,recycle ,energy saving and environmental protection material .EPM?ismade up of ground marble powder for strength, latex composite for durability,bonded together with an ATPs adhesive used primarilyin outdoor applications. ATPs is an adhesive that has been tested totemperature that exceeds 120°F and as low as -20°F .

It is expected that the material willwithstand even greater temperatures. This material is both fire retardant andbiodegradable.

Unlike resin which iscast into inexpensive plaster molds, EPM?is injected underpressure into expensive steel molds which produces a very hard and densecomponent. Another added benefit to injection molding is the quality of thedetail of the part. The parts come out of the mold with very crisp lines andintricate detail not formerly obtainable from resin and casting. And thecustomer can choose any primary color for the products. 

We will use specialequipment to process from raw material to production to control the quality ofthe product. For EPM?- the new pattern energy saving andenvironmental protection material, we have independence intellectual propertyrights for this kind of material, therefore we apply and get the patent asfollow:

1.  LEVEL trademark register patent; EPM?trademark register patent

2.  EPM? new pattern environmentprotection material register patent

3.  Appearance patent of all products

At present, we haveget below any kind of international standard: SGS certificate for EPM?-the new pattern energy saving and environmental protection product:

A.  ROHS test certificate.

B.  UV testcertificate.

C.  Salt spraytest certificate.

D. Adhesiontest certificate.

E.   HighIntensity and impulse force test certificate.

F.   Low andhigh temperature test certificate.

Notice:Please keep secret forPatent trademark, Patent material, Patent products and Appearance patent. 

Another  quality of EPM??®-the new patternenergy saving and environmental protection products is its strength. EPM?hasover fifth the strength of resin. What his mean it there are fewer problemswith shipping this material and a lot fewer problems with electriciansmiss-handling the product and creating chips that can't be repaired. Also theadditional strength allows to use the material 100% including large backplates.

A special paintfinishing process was developed for EPM?. Use this special paintin order to improve the adhesion of EPM? The result is superioradhesion. The finish was tested by SGS laboratories for 500 hrs which isequivalent to over 5 year's exposure. The paint received the highest grade forUV deterioration and surface hardness which is 5 out of 5. 

Due to this testingLEVEL LIGHTING is proud and confident enough to offer a 3 year warranty on EPM?products.(In fact, it can offer more than 5 year warranty)

The naissance of EPM?-the energy saving and environmental protection material will be fire-new value awhole new world for lighting industry. EPM?- the energy saving andenvironmental protection material also can be made with any decoration,craftwork, and building material, etc. In celebration of EPM?material, we will promote special newproducts which are designed by our American and French designer continuously inorder to share the most popular and valued brand with the customer from allover the world. You will be proud to possess of EPM??®-theenergy saving and environmental protection product of LEVEL.

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